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History of childcare In this report I will be looking at the history of the childcare industry on how children had been looked after back in the day to today’s industry. In history the first day care centre appeared in France about the 1840, and the societe des crèche was recognised by the French government in 1869.organising in Europe in the late 18th and early 19th century day cares were established in the United States by private charities in the 1850’s. The first being was the New York day...

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Childcare Director

Childcare Center Director Patricia A. Brooks Everest University Childcare Center Director Do you enjoy working with children? Is a question that I like to think of when it comes to working in the field dealing with the responsibilities of taking care of children. Today, there are more needs for children to be taking care of and learning about why it is so important to have a good education. I can remember when I was about ten or eleven years...

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Infant Childcare

Introduction Infant childcare can have a major role in an infants’ present and future psychological way of thinking, mindset, and dealing with everyday life obstacles. Making an informed decision about what type of infant childcare best suits the parent and the child’s needs takes time and research. Whether the parent wants to watch their child themselves or place them in a preschool; both decisions have pro and cons. These pros and cons of infant childcare can have vital implications on...

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Childcare and the Working Parent

? Childcare and the Working Parent Tammy SOC 402 Contemporary Social Problems & the Workplace Instructor: Shannon Sellers December 16, 2013 Childcare and the Working Parent Since the 1970’s, one of the most drastic changes in the structure of the American family has been increased employment of mothers outside the home. The need for alternative childcare has become an issue. The need for childcare is an issue that most parents face when one or both parents work...

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Employer Sponsored Childcare

Sponsored Childcare Becky L Reeder Rasmussen College Author Note This assignment is being submitted on February 26, 2012, for Thomas B. Stoltz’s B271/COM1007 Section 05 Professional Communications Course. Table of Contents * Executive Summary 3 * Purpose 4 * Problem 4 * Solution 5 * Conclusion 6 * Reference 8 Executive Summary The purpose of this summary is to explain the benefits of offering employer-sponsored childcare. Having...

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Early Childhood Education and Childcare

“Why Universal Childcare?” is a great title for an article such as this one. The question enters the reader into a vast pool of potential answers to the question. First off, what does universal childcare mean? For me, I believe that universal childcare means all around childcare, not only in a general sense, but all over the map childcare. Most people don’t see a problem with childcare in Canada, but it seems as if there are some issues pertaining to the system of childcare in Canada....

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Childcare and Ans

AEREN FOUNDATION’S Maharashtra Govt. Reg. No.: F-11724 AN ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL B-SCHOOL SUBJECT : BUSINESS ETHICS CASE -1 Q1. Was the suspension fair? Ans : Yes, I think the suspension was fair. Over a period of time, Joan was warned several times about her excessive absenteeism, both verbally and in writing, but she did almost nothing about resolving the problem. Joan hasn't shown an inclination to look for alternate solutions and she just expects Great American...

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conflict resolution in a childcare setting

Introduction: As part of our QQI FETAC level 5 course in childcare I must complete certain course assignments. Legislation: Legislation?is law which has been?promulgated by a?legislature?or other?governing body, or the process of making it. (Another source of law is judge-made law or case law.) Before an item of legislation becomes law it may be known as a?bill, and may be broadly referred to as "legislation" while it remains under consideration to distinguish it from other business. Legislation...

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Childcare Act 1991

Part VII: Is the aspect of the legislation that relates to the early childcare and education sector. Regulations as to pre-school services: The law in Ireland provides for the regulation and inspection of pre-school childcare services. Under the childcare act of 1991 the HSE in Ireland is charged with ensuring the health, safety and welfare of preschool children attending services. Pre-school children are defined by law as children under 6 years of age, who are not attending a national school...

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Effects of Non-Parental Childcare

Effects of Non-parental Childcare Non-parental childcare is defined by Berns as “the care given to children by persons other than parents during the parts of the day that parents are absent (2010, p.161)”, and includes in-home care providers, family daycare providers, and group care, center-based providers. Currently, family, friends and neighbors are the most common form of non-parental child care used in the United States, especially for younger children. Over 60 percent of children under the...

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