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Each year there are twenty million Americans that try cannabis for the first time. (Armentano, 2013) Americans are going to smoke cannabis if it’s legalized or not so our country should legalize it and make money. Legalizing cannabis will help our country economically, help patients that truly do benefit from the drug, and help decrease the amount of street drug dealing. To some of the patients that use medical cannabis it is very difficult for them to get if they don’t live in a state where it is...

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Cannabis Coursework [Uncomplete]

Should Cannabis be legalized? Cannabis has been in the world for many years yet there are disputes whether cannabis should be legalized or not. There have been many groups which support the legalization on cannabis but others disagree. Many major countries and cities such as Canada and Amsterdam allow the use of cannabis but only by a small dose. The UK still considers the drug as a Class B and legalization of the use of cannabis. Cannabis is used in the UK but only for the use of medicine. My...

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Risks of Cannabis Dependency

s Risks of Cannabis Dependency What are the effects that Cannabis/Marijuana Dependency has on your life? Tommy Barnes Prof. K. Bekker AB PSY-101 3/14/12 Risks of Cannabis Dependency Sharma, M. (2009, April). Determinants of Marijuana Use, Abuse and Dependence. Journal of Alcohol & Drug Education. Pp. 3-6. The main idea of this article is the study of the relation of Marijuana use, abuse, and dependency. The idea is to look at how might a person first start...

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How does Cannabis cause addiction

?How does Cannabis cause addiction? Addiction is seen as a difficult medical disorder by the NHS, this is because of how the chemical imbalance is altered as illicit drugs tap into the way the nerve cells communicate. There are two prominent ways in which drugs of abuse and legal drugs affect the brain. The first way is by mimicking the brains natural chemicals. Another way in which the brain can be affected is through the overstimulation of the limbic reward system. The majority of illicit drugs...

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Cannabis verses pharmaceutical drugs to treat seizure disorders

? Cannabis verses pharmaceutical drugs to treat seizure disorders Melissa M. Phillips COM/172 April 21, 2014 Scott Tobias Cannabis verses pharmaceutical drugs to treat seizure disorders. Chronic illnesses are prevalent this day and age due to various environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and the use of pharmaceutical drugs. There are various pharmaceutical drugs to treat patients who have chronic pain, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's, cancer, and various seizure disorders. However...

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History of Cannabis

The History of Cannabis Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana or hemp, has had a long and tumultuous history. Hemp has many uses, not just the commonly known use as a psychoactive drug. Hemp can be used to create things such as cloths, textiles, and paper. People using hemp dates back all the way to the 4th millennium B.C. This paper will show that cannabis’ uses adjust to the time period it is in, but no matter its use it is consistently prevalent through early civilizations to modern times...

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?Cannabis sativa-a plant species, HEMP, marijuana and hashish are obtained from THC – Active Psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and cannabis products 80 Compounds or chemicals are in WEED Where does best weed/resin come from? Dry arid climates, such as N. Africa Hashish- Drug containing the resin of cannabis flowers THC is about 8-14% FAT SOLUABLE Anandamide- Naturally occurring chemical in the brain that fits into thc sensitive receptor sites, producing the same effects as marijuana. Amotivational...

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The Negative Effects of Cannabis

CANNABIS To what extent does research show cannabis is SAFE or DANGEROUS, assess its harmful effects and discuss effects of its chronic use on MENTAL FUNCTIONING, COGNITION, PERSONALITY and MEMORY IMPAIRMENTS, does it deserve its status in LAW? INTRODUCTING CANNABIS Kingery, Alford & Coggeshall (1999) highlight that cannabis is frequently used by adolescents as the first illicit drug. It is a popular illegal recreational drug, which has been upgraded back to Class B since 2009 in the UK. The...

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The Exploitation of Cannabis Sativa by Humans

The exploitation of Cannabis sativa by Homo sapiens Cannabis sativa is a species of plant in the genus Cannabis and the family Cannabaceae that has been used by humans since the start of recorded history, (at least 3000 BC). It is a plant native to central and south Asia, but is now exported and grown in almost all parts of the world, although this cultivation and exportation is in some places illegal as it is a very controversial plant. The reason it is illegal in many countries is because of...

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Cannabis: Law and Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Plant Should Be legalized & Used Medically. Cannabis plant has been proven to be one of the most effective plants on earth when it comes to using it medically. My question here is, why not legalize this precious plant? Lets make a wise use of this. Cannabis is what we all know as marijuana. Even though I personally don’t make use of this plant. I’m for the legalization of it because, it can help cure and treat many medical conditions out there. While drug control is a big issue over...

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